Responsible Reuse of data

For Individuals

Responsible – not for everything, but only for the purposes you want, so you are always in control

Reuse – the solution is not to hide your data, but to securely use it

Responsible Reuse of Data

For Individuals

Responsible – not for everything, but only for the purposes you want, so you are always in control

Reuse – the solution is not to hide your data, but to securely use it

Your data. In motion. For you.

There are a lot of places where data about you is generated. Most of this data remains where it was created to stay protected. The purpose of is to ensure your data is used for everything you want and not used for anything you don’t want.

Data transfer – under control is a data marketplace where organizations can offer data about you and other organizations can offer you services built on the secondary use of your data together with reasons why it will be beneficial for you. If you explicitly give your consent, organizations offering the data may transfer your data only for the specific purpose for which you have given your permission.


Comfortable world

Many times, in order to get something done, you have to hand over data. You have to request it, download, print, send it or prove that it’s taken from a trusted source. That's a lot of wasted time and hustle. With, you can simply give permission to get data directly from the source to the destination, making your life much more comfortable.

New options

By linking and providing your data for analysis, you can gain new information about yourself. Need a personalized lifestyle advice based on your smartwatch? Career tips based on your content consumption habits? Or maybe psychological insights based on your online gaming style? They all become possible and only in a way and for the purpose for which you give your permission.

Bespoke world

Everyone likes to get what they need especially if it's tailored for them. Handing over your data for a purpose that allows a more customized service can help you stand out from the crowd and enjoy the luxury of personal recommendations.

Better world

For each and every research a prerequisite is to have access to data which helps scientists understand the situation and then develop better solutions. How do certain diseases develop? How can they be cured? What behaviors lead to the most successful life? By giving your consent through the platform you can provide your data for research purposes.

Why should you get your data moving?

Your data can be used for many things. It can make things you already do more comfortable, it can also help you achieve things you haven’t thought of before or even contribute to a more successful world.




And you’re done!

The data transfer process has been simplified as much as possible to ensure your safety and prevent data misuse.

Find a service

Find a service that you want to use and need your data for. You can find this information in the mobile app or here on the website.

Understand the goal and the data

Read what types of data they what to use for what purposes.

Select the data

Choose what data is available about you that you would like to transfer to the service provider.

Authenticate yourself at the data source will redirect you to the page where your data is located so that you can authenticate yourself. This is very important because whoever transfers your data has to be sure that it is really you who wants to share the data.

Consent the data transfer

If you are sure that you want to transfer the selected data to the selected destination, approve the transfer. With your single consent, you request the company that has the data to transfer it and at the same time give permission to the data user to use the data. You are always in control.

How do we work?

Let us bring your dream right to your door! In fact, we’re just a postman who helps you realize your wish, never knows what’s in your package and does the job according to strict rules, always protecting the package, as that’s the key to our reliability.


We bring your dream right to your doorstep

The platform plays the role of a data courier between you, the ones who store your data and the ones who want to use it. After your permission (consent), we transfer the data package between the parties. Your data is encrypted in such a way that nobody not even can unpackage and read its content. Only the recipient can read the data you wanted to transfer in order to get your advantage or fulfill your wish.

You can read more information on legal compliance and technology security.

Always free for you

No ads, no hidden fees

The is a great service that comes at a price. The price is paid by the corporate players for whom we created a possibility for a convenient data movement. You only need to focus on making a responsible decision about what you want to use your data for.

No advertising, no unintended data usage. You can check anytime by whom, when and for what purpose your data was used. If you’re interested, read more about the for business.

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