For business customers

Ethical personal data market

Secondary usage of data is in the interest of all parties. The platform enables all stakeholders in a personal data market to engage in ethical data trading that is built around the consent of the data subjects (a person whom the data is about).

For Individuals

Your data. In motion. For you.

There are a lot of places where data about you is generated. Most of this data remains where it was created to stay protected. The purpose of is to ensure your data is used for everything you want and not used for anything you don’t want.


Safe, Secure and Compliant.

The platform pays particular attention to ensuring that the framework it provides meets all safety and security standards. Ensuring both security and compliance is of paramount importance for us.

How do we work?

The platform plays the role of a postman between who collects your data, who wants to use it and you. After your permission, we deliver the message from you to the two corporate players. Your data is encrypted in such a way that no third party or even can read its content. Only the recipient can read the data you wanted to transfer.

Areas of use

Contracting made easy

When you want to sign a contract with someone, you always have to provide personal information.

Remote medical monitoring with smart devices

Many times you have to go back to the doctor to only show the data you measured about yourself.

Applying for a job – with data transfer

You have to keep a certified copy of your highest level of education, and get a certificate of morality every time you apply for a new job ...

Remote coaching based on fitness data

There’s a lot of data that our smart devices measure about us, however we still can’t really interpret them and don’t know when or if we should act upon the data.

Career advice based on content consumption

Different companies are mining a lot of information about us which they only use to sell us as many products as possible…

Match-making for dating based on data

During matchmaking, we come across a lot of false or misleading information, which makes it difficult to find our way around.

Early detection of diseases in children

There are many mainly neurological diseases whose symptoms are easily recognizable and well treated at an early stage...

Tailor-made insurance based on movement data

Everyone is classified into life insurance categories based on the same general data, however, it is not taken into consideration if someone takes proper care of their health…

Research on rare diseases

There are many diseases in which lifestyle information is very important, and the correlations between them could contribute to the development of new therapies